Create DELICIOUS Infused Treat Recipes with The Source & Freed’s Bakery!

Create DELICIOUS Infused Treat Recipes with The Source & Freed’s Bakery!

Keep the holidays going with infused recipes from The Source and Freed’s Bakery!

The Source X Freed's Bakery

A Tasty Teamup

Welcome to a match made in Nevada heaven, where the tantalizing flavors of Freed’s Bakery collide with the innovative expertise of The Source Dispensaries. Join us on a delectable journey as two local legends unite to bring you an extraordinary fusion: infused recipe cards for Freed’s most cherished treats. This collaboration celebrates the artistry of baking and the boundless possibilities of cannabis-infused creations, inviting you to savor the essence of Nevada in every delicious bite.

freed's bakery x the source infused recipes

Select THC Tinctures

Endless Infusions

Introducing a game-changer in elevating your culinary experiences: Select THC Tinctures. Crafted with precision and expertise, these tinctures are the epitome of quality, offering a seamless infusion of THC into your favorite recipes. With Select’s commitment to purity and potency, these tinctures unlock a world of creative possibilities, empowering you to tailor your culinary adventures with precise dosing and exceptional flavor profiles. Get ready to transform your treats into extraordinary delights with the seamless integration of Select THC Tinctures.

Select Tincture Image

Cranberry Cream Cheese Loaf

Sweet, Creamy, and Heady

Freed’s world famous Cranberry Cream Cheese Loaf! A deliciously rich blend of tart cranberries and sweet cream cheese infused with orange citrus, loaded with pecans, and topped with sugar icing. Baked in a loaf tin, serves 4-8 guests.


Get set to explore an elevated realm of flavors as we infuse these beloved classics with a dash of cannabis magic, all thanks to the infusion mastery of The Source Dispensaries. This journey promises an enchanting twist on familiar tastes, taking you on a flavorful adventure like never before.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Celebrate Any Occasion

Step into a world of culinary nostalgia with Freed’s Bakery’s cherished Mexican Wedding Cookies, where tradition meets indulgence in every crumb. These delicately crafted treats, known for their buttery richness and a dusting of powdered sugar, evoke a sense of celebration and warmth with each bite.


At Freed’s, these cookies are more than a recipe; they’re a legacy, passed down through generations, and now, with a twist of innovation. Prepare to embark on a journey of flavors elevated to new heights as we infuse these timeless classics with a touch of cannabis magic, thanks to the infusion expertise from The Source Dispensaries.

Create Your Own Infused Treat, Win $250

Cook big, Win Big

Welcome to the ultimate culinary challenge! Get ready to showcase your creativity and culinary skills in our exclusive social media contest.


Dive into the world of infused recipes by trying one of our delectable creations from Freed’s Bakery, infusing it with a touch of cannabis magic using products from The Source Dispensaries.


All you need to do to enter the contest is:

  1. Recreate either of our infused collaboration recipes in your own kitchen!
  2. Capture your masterpiece in stunning photos or videos!
  3. Share it on your social media platforms! (Don’t forget to tag @thesourcedispensarynv and @freedsbakery to officially enter!)


Show us your culinary prowess, and you could be the lucky victor walking away with an exciting prize of…


$250 in Source Rewards Points!

Shop Select Tinctures To INfuse Your Own Treats!

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