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Delivery FAQs

Cannabis Dispensaries located in Nevada

How To Order

1. Find your store: Type in your address to locate the nearest store.

2. Shop your favorite products: The same products you love in store are online.

3. Sign up for online orders: With our new system, you will need to re-verify your delivery information. Not to worry, it’s a quick process and your information will remain safely stored and secured with us.

Delivery Map

The Source+ Delivery Map

Delivery FAQs

Same day deliveries are open from 8AM-6PM at our Sahara, Henderson, NLV, and Pahrump locations. Delivery orders received after 6PM will be scheduled for the following day.

The order minimum is only $50, and there is no delivery fee!

Deliveries are currently exact cash only. We will be implementing alternative payment options soon!

We are happy to announce same day delivery! Place your order before 6PM for all locations and we will process your delivery that day. Orders received after 6PM will be scheduled for the following day.

We can only deliver to private residences. Private Residence is defined to exclude hotels, weekly hotels, monthly hotels, motels, camps, campers, motor homes, universities, colleges and/or schools as well as housing, residences and/or dormitories of such universities, colleges and/or schools, and/or other vehicles and industrial and commercial facilities that do not also serve as residences.

Recreational customers can purchase delivery through our in-house service from all of our locations.

Medical Patients can purchase from all of our locations, please see below for information regarding medical tax rates.

Please include a copy of your medical card when you are uploading your ID picture (side by side)

For our Sahara and Henderson stores, please request any medical products in your order notes (at checkout under +Special Instructions) or call your store. All of our other locations are not licensed to sell medical dosed products.

Medical patients at our Sahara and Henderson stores: to ensure you receive your medical tax rate, please indicate “medical” in your order notes (at checkout under +Special Instructions) or call your store. For all other locations, we will provide a 10% discount to offset the excise tax.

For Wisdom Discounts, Veterans Discounts, and Rewards Points please indicate all applicable discounts in your order notes (at checkout in the +Special Instructions area) or call your store.

If you happen to be outside of the Hytiva delivery zone, feel free to visit our stores or place a curbside or pick-up order online!

We encourage people to place their orders early and order in bulk to help reduce the number of daily orders.

Please check your email as carriers may filter confirmation messages.

With our new ordering system, your final updated bulk price (including discounts) will be provided upon delivery.