Create DELICIOUS Infused Treat Recipes with The Source & Freed’s Bakery!

freed's bakery x the source infused recipes

Keep the holidays going with infused recipes from The Source and Freed’s Bakery! The Source X Freed’s Bakery A Tasty Teamup Welcome to a match made in Nevada heaven, where the tantalizing flavors of Freed’s Bakery collide with the innovative expertise of The Source Dispensaries. Join us on a delectable journey as two local legends […]

Snag MORE Cannabis with the 2024 Allotment Increase!

allotment increase

Allotment Increase in 2024: You Can Buy More Cannabis! New Purchase LIMITS Get up to 2.5 ounces of flower January 1st, 2024, marked an unprecedented chapter in Nevada’s cannabis landscape as the state implemented a significant cannabis allotment increase! This pioneering move represents a monumental leap forward in the realm of cannabis regulation, underscoring Nevada’s […]