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COMING SOON: Better CASHBACK Rewards with The Source Rewards Program!

COMING SOON: Better CASHBACK Rewards with The Source Rewards Program!

COMING SOON on Jan. 1st:
New and Better Rewards Program!

CashBack Rewards

Earn More, Save More

At The Source, we understand the value of rewarding our loyal customers. That’s why we’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our rewards program—a shift towards more substantial cashback rewards. While we bid farewell to just redeeming free products, we’re doubling down on your benefits by offering 20% MORE CASHBACK on every purchase starting January 1st, 2024!

the source rewards program

How It Works

Cashback Made Easy

Enrolling in our revamped rewards program is simple:


Every time you shop with us, you’ll earn a percentage of your purchase back as cashback points! These points will accumulate in your account, ready to be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.


The more you shop, the more you earn, and the more you save!

Membership Tiers

More Bang For Your Buck

We want to ensure our loyal Rewards Members who make our stores a regular destination feel appreciated, so we’ve upgraded our Membership Tiers so customers can earn even more points!


Customers can advance through the different tiers simply by being repeat shoppers and earning Rewards Points through purchases, no extra work required. And with our elite assortment of craft cannabis products, climbing those ranks is easy and fun!


And if you are long-time Rewards Member, you will keep your purchase history and will automatically advance into a higher tier! Meaning most of our loyal guests will already starting to earn more cashback bonuses, like 3%, 4%, and even up to 5% cashback on all your purchases at The Source!


  • Buds: Start redeeming at 2.5% cashback rate!
  • Sourcerer: Keep your savings growing at 3.0% cashback rate!
  • High Roller: Higher tier means higher rewards, enjoy 4.0% cashback rate!
  • Cannasseur: The highest of highs goes to the Cannasseur level, where you’ll earn 5% cashback for every transaction! 

Redemption Levels

All The Ways to Use Rewards

We’ve also upgraded our Redemption Levels to reflect the increased cashback that you’ll get on all your purchases!


This gives all of our Rewards Members more freedom to choose when and how you redeem Rewards Points with us. Want to consistently redeem $5 off your order? No problem! Want to save up your points to get a WHOPPING $250 off your order? That works for us!


$2 OFF = 100 Points (Was 150!)

$5 OFF = 200 Points (Was 300!)

$10 OFF = 400 Points (Was 500!)

• $25 OFF = 1,000 Points (Was 1,250!)

$50 OFF = 1,800 Points (Was 2,500!)

$100 OFF = 3,200 Points (Was 5,000!)

$250 OFF = 7,500 Points (New Tier!)


When you unlock a new reward, you’ll will be sent a notification that it’s been sent to your Alpine IQ Wallet. That means you’re invited to come back and redeem your cashback rewards with us whenever you like!


More Questions?

Q: Does the Rewards Program cost anything to sign up?
A: Nope, signing up is totally free!


Q: When does the new cashback program start?
A: The new program rollout starts January 1st!


Q: Do I have to do anything to stay a Rewards Member?
A: Nope, all that’s required is that you opt-in to either emails or texts from your friends at The Source+!


Q: Will I still be able to redeem points for products?

A: You can’t redeem points just for products, you can spend your cashback bonuses on all your purchases! So instead of choosing specific products, you can apply your chashback to any purchase, big or small!


Q: I had points in your previous Rewards Program, will I still have my points?
A: Yes, all points were transferred between the systems as long as you had at least one method of communication opt-in, either email or mobile!

Earn Cashback for Every Purchase at The Source!

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