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Round up for Immunize Nevada

Round up for Immunize Nevada

All month long

We're partnering with immunize nevada

This June, we are proud to partner with Immunize Nevada, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the health of Nevadans through vaccination health and disease prevention. With every purchase, you have the opportunity to round-up and donate to the cause.

immunize nevada

Since 1995, Immunize Nevada has been committed to safeguarding the health of Nevadans. Starting as a group of concerned citizens addressing Nevada’s low immunization rates, they have evolved into a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit coalition. Today, they are Nevada’s premier resource for immunization and community health, connecting the public with critical information and resources to ensure everyone has the opportunity to stay healthy through vaccination.

What they do

Immunize Nevada is dedicated to preventing disease and promoting health through several key initiatives:

  • Increasing Vaccination Rates: They work tirelessly to improve the vaccination rates among children, teens, adults, and seniors across Nevada.
  • Public Health Resources: They ensure that adequate public health resources are available to communities throughout the state.
  • Professional Training: They provide healthcare professionals with continuing education opportunities, conferences, office tools, and incentives to keep them informed and effective in their roles.
  • Health Collaborations: They collaborate with regional, state, and national partners to develop community-based projects and programs.
  • Outreach and Access: They provide outreach services and access to vaccines and health resources for all Nevadans.
  • Advocacy: They advocate for pro-immunization policies to ensure that legislative decisions reflect the best interests of the community’s health.

how they make a difference

Each month, Immunize Nevada reaches approximately 45,000 Nevadans through in-person immunization and health events, their webpages, social media, community meetings, and healthcare professional trainings. They help people overcome barriers to accessing vaccines, provide caregivers with necessary information, engage the next generation in immunization, and foster collaborations to maximize resources.


For 25 years, their vision has been to create a healthier future for all Nevadans. However, many in Nevada’s urban, rural, and frontier communities still face significant barriers to accessing vaccines and healthcare. Your support can help them overcome these challenges.

how to get involved

There are numerous ways to join Immunize Nevada in promoting health and preventing disease:

  • Volunteer: Sign up for a rewarding experience volunteering with Immunize Nevada or one of their partners. Volunteers play a critical role in their immunization efforts.
  • Advocate: Educate legislators on important immunization and health issues affecting Nevada. By raising voices together, we can make a significant impact.
  • Donate: Every dollar donated directly impacts the health of friends, neighbors, and family members. Donations support their expert messaging, innovative programs, and trusted resources, making a tangible difference in communities.
  • Shopping at The Source: This June, The Source is partnering with Immunize Nevada as a Round Up Partner. Customers can contribute to this vital mission by rounding up their purchases at checkout. 

join us

Immunize Nevada relies on the strength of the community to keep everyone well. Support from businesses, individuals, and other organizations is crucial to their work. From grants and corporate sponsorships to individual donors and outreach volunteers, the commitment, talent, and passion of many fuel their mission.


Immunize Nevada receives educational grants and funding from various sources committed to improving community health. Importantly, they do not accept funding to promote, sell, or advocate for specific companies or their products, ensuring their focus remains on the health and well-being of Nevadans.


Together, we can create healthier communities across Nevada. Whether through volunteering, advocating, donating, or simply shopping at The Source in June, your involvement counts. Visit Immunize Nevada’s website to learn more about how you can make a difference. Or shop at The Source today and round up your purchase.

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