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2 NEW DROPS: Garlic Cookies & Green Crack!

2 NEW DROPS: Garlic Cookies & Green Crack!

Hand-Selected Harvests for the Freshest Drops

Here at The Source+, we live and breathe by the mantra “Quality In, Quality Out”. This applies to the nutrients and care that go into our harvests, the quality of the flower we source to make premium extracts, and our staff’s depth of cannabis knowledge to assist your shopping experience. We also show this customer and quality-focused mindset through our carefully-crafted assortment of cannabis products available at our shops.


Instead of buying a random assortment of flower based solely on digital COA’s and the word of vendors, our elite team of Procurement Specialists have decades of experience handling, inspecting, and ultimately hand-selecting the best harvests at the best prices for our customers. And with the strong industry connections with Nevada’s leading cultivators, we get access to strains and deals that you won’t find at other stores! Which means you can shop with confidence, knowing we don’t let anything onto our shelves that we wouldn’t smoke ourselves.


garlic cookies fresh drop new at The Source+ cannabis marijuana dispensary

Garlic cookies

Garlic Cookies, also known as as “GMO Cookies”, is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid strain, historically bred by crossing Chemdawg with GSC. This hand-selected harvest from Reina has deep green buds with a good amount of frosty trichomes and solid bud structure. The aroma of this Garlic Cookies batch is loud and gassy, with strong notes of diesel and garlicky goodness from its strong genetics. As an Indica-leaning hybrid, this strain has a strong myrcene profile for a relaxing night; however there is also a decent level of Limonene to balance that couch-lock effect with an uplifting euphoria that will keep you in a happy daze. And with 26% THC, these Garlic Cookies pack a punch!

Garlic Cookies is now available at The Source+!   (Order now while supplies last!

Green Crack

Green Crack is a very popular and potent Sativa strain, synonymous with high-octane energy and sharp focusing effects. Not many other cannabis varieties shape up to Green Crack’s energetic mental buzz and euphoric highs, and as such this historic strain remains a crowd pleaser at any social function. This hand-selected Green Crack batch from Reina boasts a solid 20% THC for a great Sativa high, along with a slight Myrcene profile that will help balance out the intense energizing effects. This batch has dense, frosty nugs that give off a fresh, piney scent that immediately perks you up!

Green Crack is now available at The Source+! (Order now while supplies last!)

About the Cultivator: Reina

Reina is a women-led, women-owned, and women-operated cannabis company in Nevada! The cannabis company was founded by Latina trailblazer Priscilla Vilchis, who in 2014 was the youngest person and Latina in Nevada to be licensed to grow cannabis. In 2017, Priscilla was among the first women and first Latina to receive cannabis licenses in California. In Spanish, “Reina” means Queen, which makes sense as this brand is among royalty for some of their fire strains and fantastic products!

About The Source+

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, respectful and compassionate environment, where our patients and customers can easily and affordably obtain a host of wellness products and services. We are dedicated to helping our patients through the healing process with a variety of wellness programs, education and advocacy, positive encouragement, mutual respect and a safe environment in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Reno. All activities are be conducted in compliance with Nevada law, must be 21 or older to purchase and keep out of reach of children.

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