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CAMP x The Real McCoy

CAMP x The Real McCoy Collaboration

Larry Cake & Hansolo Burger Hash Rosin Disposable Launch

When it comes to the cannabis industry, nothing rewarding ever comes easy. From growing and harvesting marijuana plants to producing top-tier, solventless rosins, the processes involved are challenging and require careful attention-to-detail at all levels. That’s why it’s crucial to have a solid group of cannabis professionals who are passionate about creating award-winning products through diligence and optimism. But what happens when you combine the efforts of two, top-tier teams? Simple — you get one incredible collaboration.

Introducing CAMP x The Real McCoy

A collab built from the minds of two industry leaders with one goal in mind: creating clean, effective cannabis for both medical and recreational marijuana users. Known for solventless solutions that embody rosin disposables and pure concentrates, CAMP has partnered with the homegrown pros at The Real McCoy to unveil two unique hash rosin disposables — Larry Cake and Han Solo Burger.

The Real McCoy, a boutique-cultivator that is family owned and operated, utilizes advanced grow technology and high-quality, passionate precision to grow multiple strains of marijuana plants with love and care. By sharing the same dream, CAMP and The Real McCoy are determined to push the limits of what a pure hash rosin could be, with smooth flavors, maximum potency and relieving benefits for medical marijuana users. And this is only the beginning of valuable partnership.

The Han Solo Burger and Larry Cake hash rosin disposables will be available at The Source+ Dispensary starting February 14th, 2022. To learn more about these cannabis disposables, please contact The Source+ or The Real McCoy. And, if you’d like to pick up one of these new cannabis products, we’ll see you on the February 14th!

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