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The BRAND NEW CAMP Mixed Berry White Vegan Chocolate Bar is INCREDIBLE!

The BRAND NEW CAMP Mixed Berry White Vegan Chocolate Bar is INCREDIBLE!



What is Vegan Chocolate?

Vegan chocolate is a delicious and ethical alternative to traditional chocolate. It is made using plant-based ingredients, such as cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar, without the use of any animal products like milk or dairy. As a result, vegan chocolate is suitable for those who follow a vegan diet, are lactose intolerant, or have a dairy allergy. Not only is vegan chocolate a great option for those with dietary restrictions, but it also has numerous health benefits. With a wide range of flavors and textures available, from rich and creamy to nutty and fruity, vegan chocolate is a guilt-free indulgence that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Why Gluten Free Chocolate?

Gluten-free chocolate is a type of chocolate that is made without any ingredients containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, and is commonly used as a thickener or stabilizer in some chocolates. However, for people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergy, consuming gluten can cause digestive issues and other health problems. Gluten-free chocolate is made using alternative flours, such as rice or almond flour, as well as other gluten-free ingredients like cornstarch, tapioca, or potato starch. Some brands also use gluten-free oats in their products. Gluten-free chocolate can come in various forms, including bars, truffles, and chocolate chips, and can be enjoyed by anyone looking to avoid gluten in their diet.

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Rosin-Enriched, Small-Batch

Only the finest ingredients for the finest chocolates

CAMP Mixed Berry White Vegan Chocolate solventless rosin bars are crafted using only the highest-quality ingredients, creating flavors that can only be achieved through proper preparation and care. Every ingredient in the product originates from qualified and/or certified suppliers. Each is hand-inspected by our chefs to ensure that it meets the strict quality standards.


  • We are currently sourcing premium Belgian chocolate for our rosin-enriched chocolate bars, and only utilize vendors approved by Cocoa Horizons to support sustainably-sourced cocoa.


  • We have naturally-focused CAMP-inspired flavors that you won’t find anywhere else, like Mixed Berry White Chocolate.


  • Our chocolates are artisanally-crafted by hand in small batches for ultimate quality assurance.


Who is CAMP?

Nothing great is ever achieved by doing things the way they have always been done

Founded in 2016, CAMP’s mission is to bring the best quality experience to our consumers. CAMP is a movement. Lead by a team of passionate artisans, who put quality first. CAMP blazes trails challenging the status quo in the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Meet the Makers of Mixed Berry

Becky Quan and Ricky McCormick
  • Classically trained chefs, experience in world-class restaurants 
  • 20+ years of combined culinary experience including right here in Las Vegas on the Strip
  • Passionately drawn to cannabis and crafting unique edibles
  • Relentlessly committed to quality and innovation
  • Alignment of passion and quality made them perfect for CAMP!

Why Solventless Rosin Chocolate?

We Love Plants. Let's Be Nice to Them.

CAMP’s solventless rosin extraction methods employ natural substances and processes. Using only ice, water, heat, pressure and love, CAMP creates solventless rosin which preserves the quality of the plant. This is the best representation of the plant and its qualities in an extracted form. 


Whereas solvent-based extraction methods involve chemical dissolution, solventless rosin extraction is a mechanical separation process.  The result is a distinct and pure expression of the original plant.  By using natural substances and processes to remove the trichomes from the plant material keeping them intact, CAMP produces a higher quality experience in our Mixed Berry White Vegan Chocolate Bar.   

Benefits of Solventless Rosin Chocolates

Balanced Highs for a Balanced Life
  • By using natural substances and processes to remove the trichomes and terpenes from the plant material, the trichomes and terpenes remain in intact, maintaining the entourage effect.
  • The result is a distinct and pure expression of the original plant which produces a higher quality experience.
  • Slower onset, longer high, slower offset. A smooth ride all around!
  • With cannabis, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Rosin Chocolates crafted with solventless concentrates give our consumers the natural essence and flavors of the live plant while providing them a full spectrum experience, full entourage effect.
  • The solventless extraction methods are believed to produce a healthier and cleaner end product.

Experience the Difference of Solventless Rosin:

Explore the Entire CAMP Lineup

High-Quality Flower and Solventless Extracts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answering your burning questions

Q: What is the difference in effect of a distillate-based chocolate versus a solventless rosin chocolate?

A: The sudden burst of energy and effect from distillate-based chocolate creates a quicker, more intense euphoria but ends in a sharp drop in energy levels known as a “crash.” As opposed to a fast but short onset from distillate-based chocolate, the euphoria experienced from CAMP solventless rosin chocolate more gradual and longer lasting.


Q: How long does onset take for solventless rosin chocolate?

A: Onset typically takes approximately 30 minutes, lasting four to six hours. The effects can last up to 12 hours if consumed in excess.


Q: Are the effects of ingesting CAMP Solventless Rosin Chocolate more Intense than inhaling cannabis?

A: For some, the effects of edible cannabis can be more intense than inhaling a similar dose of dried cannabis. This intensity is partly because when ingesting THC, the liver turns it into a stronger form. With edible cannabis, both the THC from the original product and the stronger form of THC are produced, for a longer-lasting effect.


Q: Are CAMP solventless rosin chocolate gluten free?

A: YES, the Mixed Berry Vegan White Chocolates are GLUTEN FREE.


Q: Are CAMP Solventless Rosin Chocolates dairy free?

A: YES! Mixed Berry Vegan White Chocolates are VEGAN and do not contain dairy!


Q: Are CAMP Solventless Rosin Chocolates vegan?

A: YES! Mixed Berry Vegan White Chocolates are made with VEGAN ingredients!


Q: Are there any allergy warnings?

A: Possibly allergens include soy and dairy from naturally made chocolate, and gluten. CAMP Chocolates are manufactured in a facility that includes tree nuts.


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