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The Source+ Henderson Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Las Vegas , NV

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Esmy Sidner
    02/02/2024 08:39 PM
    Everyone is so nice and understanding. They had the patience to explain everything to me. Thank you!!!
  • Jennifer Foster
    01/29/2024 07:16 PM
  • Brandon Kalani
    01/28/2024 07:41 PM
    Great dispensary!
  • Joshua Santellan
    01/28/2024 02:50 AM
  • Alexander Westermann
    01/26/2024 05:41 PM
    It was the end of my day and I felt like a coal miner coming home from the mines to a TV dinner and lonely chair. Decided to swing by the source and the second I walked in I was greeted my McKenna and the staff which triggered a sense of calm in my soul. They came in with smiles and great bud recommendation which turned my night around! A little kindness really changed my day. Nice people who really deserve some praise!
  • Kesha Galiardi
    01/25/2024 05:24 PM
    Awesome place, everyone in this place is so helpful and polite. And the prices are amazing
  • Slade Hughes
    01/25/2024 07:58 AM
  • CHUCKII Dkofi
    01/18/2024 03:16 AM
    After a year, in Nevada, the Source kinda slowly emerged as...haha my source. They show love, in their Eastern store with very helpful, personable, and certainly... knowledgeable staff. They're also quite efficient, maximizing business processes with technology and employees to simply get ya in and outta there...happy haha. Their online customer friendly, designed website is tops, ( It edges out other other good dispensaries). Using the Source, for delivery, is a piece of cake. Product diversity, options, quality, quantities, pricing, etc are all 5 plus stars. Order online, call, walk in, delivery...etc bada Bing!
  • Jessica Enriquez
    01/14/2024 04:23 PM
    The Source has always been one of my favorite Dispensaries in town. They have rewards, and you can use them toward your purchase. Idk why, but I feel like their prices are cheaper than some of the other Dispensaries. Specifically, the Wyld brand of edible gummies. With rewards, I paid $15, but at other Dispensaries, I paid almost $25- $30. They always have great sales and quality products. The staff is always super friendly at any location.
  • Brigitte Roberts
    01/14/2024 02:45 AM
    The Source is the source of much joy. Service is excellent, staff is exceptional, and variety of options for purchase excels. The shop has a futuristic feel. Very minimalist in vibe but it feels so cool. Be sure tip at purchase. Staff won't ask, won't suggest, or even guide you to the tip jar. But it's a cool thing to do and will bring you good juju.