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AMA Kush Mintz Cake

Precise temperature and procedures create the desired light, fluffy, honeycomb crumbly texture. The consistency is aerated like our badder but with slightly less terpene content.

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AMA Clementine Punch

Badders are whipped to a cookie dough or cake like batter consistency. Our less stable strains (which are higher in terpenes) leave a half-melted butter like consistency known as “Budder.” These types of extracts come both Live & Cured.

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Evergreen Organix (EGO) Pretzel Bites [10pk] (100mg)

Founded on the principles of quality and care, Evergreen Organix has developed our product line using only the finest ingredients and premium cannabis. We put a tremendous amount of effort into all avenues of our production. From hand crafting to small batching, we closely monitor every phase of product development to make sure that the end results are delicious and consistent. We work hard to make sure that consumers are getting a premium cannabis experience every time they choose an Evergreen Organix product.

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Evergreen Organix (EGO) Blue Raspberry [12pk] (100mg)

EGO Brands are a delicious way to feed your ego. These gummies come in ten delicious flavors and are dosed at 100mg THC per pack. Each gummy square is precisely dosed at 10mg THC so it is easy to build a dose or mix flavors to create your very own cannabis cocktail.

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City Trees Sour Runtz

A strain specific cannabis extract by City Trees.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 and over.
Serenity Wellness Products LLC License #: 79484750509886968559

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Cannavative Peach Crescendo [.95g]

Using strains grown in house, the plant is immediately flash frozen upon harvest. This preserves the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids that are lost during the traditional drying and curing method.

Cannavative’s Live Resin Sugar is always true to sugar consistency and perfect for dabbing, vaping, or adding it to your joint or bowl!
Keep out of reach of children.
For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.
Cannavative Group LLC | NV ID: #C071 | #P043

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Redwood Platinum Strawberries [1g]

Finely ground cannabis flowers rolled ahead of time, commonly known as joints or blunts. More adventurous consumers might experiment with infused pre rolls that contain cannabis concentrates to amplify the flowers’ entourage effects in enhanced flavor and potency. Pre rolls typically have an immediate onset with effects lasting an average of 2 – 4 hours.

Description courtesy of iheartjane.com

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TYSON 2.0 Roller Pigeon

The strain that started it all, The Toad is derived from two legendary strains; Chemdawg OG and Girl Scout Cookies. These two perfectly compliment each other creating a truly superior cultivar. Named for its psychedelic effects, The Toad’s immediate onset of cerebral euphoria tapers into full-body relaxation and relief. The powerful sedation is coupled with an equally intense flavor profile bursting with notes of orange, cinnamon, and hops layered with a sharp petrol aroma making it a uniquely trippy experience.

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