What is
Flower House

Featuring an artfully curated menu of hand-selected batches of flower from the finest cultivators across Nevada, Flower House is your new home for premium cannabis.

Our cannabis experts scour the market for the freshest, juiciest bud to incorporate into our world-class menu assortment, just for you. When you’re looking to pair the right moment with the perfect strain, Flower House is the place to go.

We’re the Pickiest Stoners in Town.

What are the Flower Tiers?

All our Flower House strains must have satisfactory to superior ratings to be added to our menu to ensure that we maintain quality strains on our shelves.

We rate our strains into Flower Tiers based on four essential categories: 


We examine trichomes, the icy, sugary, and mouthwatering crystals that coat the bud, along with other physical characteristics such as colors, trim, shape, and size that determine the quality of the flower.

Smell & Taste

Is it skunky, earthy, piney, sweet, or something in-between? How are the terpenes? Either way, the stronger the aroma, the better the flavor. Does the scent of the flower reach to just outside of the jar, or does it carry across the room? The way the flower smells can tell a great amount about the uniqueness of the strain.


Bounce measures the moisture and density of the flower. The firmness of the center of the bud determines how dense or wispy the flower is in its current state. If it pops back to its original form when you squeeze it, that is when you know you have good bounce.


Staying true to the lineage, strain, and the plant, the purer the strain, the higher the integrity score, which is particularly important to us. We look for backcrosses of older genetics to restore the market with well-kept, legacy, industry favorites, while also selecting the best new-school drops.




Don‘t judge a book by its cover. Despite lacking some aesthetic traits, Green tier strains are more than capable of packing a punch.


Noticeable bounce and minimal crumbling.

Bag Appeal:

Medium to full buds. Likely machine trimmed w/ minimal crown damage. Some ocassional shake and minimal discoloration.


Some strain-specific notes and minimal oxidization notes from age.

Strain Integrity:

Minimal strain integrity and noticeable genetic drifting.

Gold Tier

The Good-Good

Quality flower with solid aesthetic features. Almost as picturesque as our top tiers at a tasty price.


Solid sponge-like bounce.

Bag Appeal:

Full buds with medium to hard density. High tricomb coating and visibility. Tight trim and minimal shake.


Some strain specific notes and minimal oxidization notes from age.

Strain Integrity:

Noticeable to minimal strain characteristics.

PLatinum Tier

The Almost Elite

Superior in both look and effect, offering some of the most unmistakable aromatic characteristics of the purest strains.


Strong bounce.

Bag Appeal:

Full buds and full strain characteristics with hard density, a razor-tight trim job, and no shake.


Full smell from within the jar. Familiar and noticeable strain notes.

Strain Integrity:

Highly noticeable strain characteristics.

Reserve Tier

Best of the Lot

Supreme buds that feature flawless aesthetic and experiential characteristics with pure lineage.


Exceptional bounce.

Bag Appeal:

Full buds and full strain characteristics with hard density, a razor-tight trim job and no shake.


Strong smell from a distance. Distinguished notes, definitive characteristics and unique

Strain Integrity:

Fully expressed strain to lineage profile. No genetic drifting or F4 backcrossing.

Pickiest Stoners in Town.