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It’s Flower Season.

For some people, autumn means falling leaves, hayrides, and pumpkin spice everything.

But for us, the real first sign of the season is Croptober: that glorious month when growers harvest their final haul before winter and flood the market with a bounty of buds. To celebrate the abundant occasion, we’re offering a cornucopia of deals on top-tier flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and much more.

Check back to this page for news, fresh drops, daily deals,
and interviews with local cultivators!


What Does Croptober Mean to Us?

Fresh Flower

Croptober means tons of farm-fresh flower being taken down, trimmed, and cured! MORE flower means FRESHER flower for you!


Our Croptober flower selections are chosen by hand by our world-class cannabis experts to ensure only the best makes it to you.


The flower options for Croptober are also rigorously checked for quality assurance, making sure buds are of the highest quality.

Stored at 60° / 60%

Croptober flower choices are processed and stored at 60° Farenheit and 60% humidity to retain bud bounce and quality.

What Is Bounce?


Celebrate the High Harvest.

8 FOR $50

Stock up on your favorite smokable products all Croptober long! Get yourself 8 of the classic joints, doobies, jays, spliffs, skinnies, or whatever you want to call them for only $50.

Flower Deals

We’ll have daily deals for our Croptober flower assortment, with rotating deals of your favorite cultivators at harvest-time prices! Grab hot deals on premium brands, including 2 for $60 eighths, $99 half ounces, and more.

2 FOR $30
Infused PRs

Snag two infused pre-rolls for for only $30! These joints can really pack a punch, with cultivators like CAMP, AMA, HSH, and more creating the waxes and crumbles that make infused pre-rolls pop.

Croptober Flower Collection.

Check out our curated menu of Croptober flower below! 


Check back soon for Fresh Drops and New Product Releases!






Cultivator Interviews.

Throughout the month of Croptober, we’ll be dropping exclusive interviews with professional cannabis cultivators from across Nevada to highlight the people who make the harvest possible!

Tyler Cook – Polaris MMJ

We had a fantastic conversation with Tyler Cook, Head Grower and Cultivation Manager behind some of Nevada’s favorite strains: Polaris Head Cheese and Ice Cream Cake!

Steve Cantwell – GLP

Learn all about Steve Cantwell and the magic behind Green Life Productions! Using all organic no-till living soil, GLP produces local favorites like Miss X, McLavin, and Zelly’s Gift!

Irene Villanueva – CAMP

Coming SOon!


Fresh News and Fresher Flower.

Keep updated with all of the fresh Croptober news! 


Check back often for Product Drop and special announcements!

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