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Embark on a journey with Wyld, the brand that captures the essence of the great outdoors in its gourmet cannabis gummies. Inspired by nature, Wyld’s products are crafted for those who seek adventure and appreciate the finer things in life.

Wyld was founded in Oregon in 2016 by a group of friends with a passion for cannabis and the great outdoors. The brand quickly gained popularity for its high-quality, nature-inspired edibles, especially its fruit-flavored gummies. Wyld’s commitment to using real fruit and natural flavors set it apart in the market, and its products became synonymous with purity and consistency.

The brand’s success in Oregon led to expansion into other states, and Wyld is now available in multiple markets across the U.S. Despite its growth, Wyld has remained true to its roots, continuing to focus on creating products that capture the essence of adventure and the natural world. Today, Wyld is one of the leading edible brands in the cannabis industry, known for its innovative flavors and commitment to quality.

Popular Products

  • Wyld Gummies: Known for their natural fruit flavors and consistent dosing, these gummies are a customer favorite.
  • Wyld Chocolate Bars: Infused with high-quality cannabis oil, these chocolate bars offer a delicious and potent experience.
  • Wyld CBD Sparkling Water: A refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, available in a variety of flavors.

Why You’ll Love Wyld

Nature-Inspired Flavors: Wyld’s edibles are a testament to the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients. Each flavor, from raspberry to huckleberry, is carefully selected to evoke the taste of the wild. These gummies are not only delicious but also offer a consistent and reliable experience with each dose.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars: For those with a sweet tooth, Wyld’s chocolate bars are a must-try. Infused with premium cannabis oil, these bars combine the rich taste of chocolate with the benefits of cannabis, creating a luxurious treat.

Refreshment on the Go: Wyld’s CBD sparkling water is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and non-psychoactive option. Available in a variety of flavors, it’s a great way to stay hydrated and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Quality and Sustainability: Wyld is committed to using high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices. From sourcing to packaging, every step is taken with care to ensure that the products are not only good for you but also good for the environment.

Wyld is more than just a cannabis brand; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who embrace adventure and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying a quiet moment, Wyld’s edibles offer a taste of the wild that’s sure to delight.

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