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Stix Preroll Co. is not just another cannabis brand. They are here to ignite your sense of adventure and take your cannabis experience to new heights with premium, convenient prerolls. Designed for those who demand the best, Stix is your companion for quality, convenience, and reliability. 

Stix Preroll Co, a proud member of the Ayr Wellness family, has carved a niche in the cannabis industry with a simple yet powerful philosophy: to create compact, convenient, and quality-driven prerolls for the adventurous spirit. Leveraging Ayr Wellness’s expertise in cultivation and extraction, Stix brings together excellence and innovation.

At the heart of Stix’s unparalleled quality are master cultivators and extraction artists. Their profound connection to the cannabis plant, coupled with advanced technology and meticulous handling, ensures every Stix preroll delivers a smooth, perfect burn. This showcases exceptional genetics’ full potency and flavor profile, guaranteeing a premium experience every time.

Stix Preroll Co specializes in creating pre-rolled cannabis that stands out for its convenience and quality. Designed for adventure seekers, their products offer a mess-free, stress-free, and guess-free experience. Each preroll is expertly crafted using top industry machines for a superior smoking experience every time.

Popular Products

  • Stix Classic Prerolls: Perfectly rolled for a smooth, consistent burn.
  • Stix Signature Blends: Expertly crafted blends to elevate any adventure.
  • Stix Limited Editions: Unique, seasonal offerings for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Leaders in cultivation and extraction, Stix Preroll Co. continues to push the boundaries of the cannabis industry. Their innovative approach and commitment to quality have earned them recognition among peers, and they create remarkable experiences for customers.