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Evergreen Organix (EGO)

Evergreen Organix (EGO)

Evergreen Organix (EGO) has pioneered the cannabis edibles market with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety. The range of delectable edibles, crafted with the finest ingredients and premium cannabis, promises an unmatched experience for connoisseurs and newcomers alike. 

Evergreen Organix (EGO) has quickly ascended to the pinnacle of Nevada’s cannabis edibles scene as a 100% locally owned and family-operated brand. In everything it does, it embodies the spirit of quality and care. Driven by a passion for crafting superior cannabis products, Evergreen Organix (EGO) has built a legacy on the principles of small-batch production, meticulous craftsmanship, and relentless innovation.

The power of premium ingredients and expertly cultivated cannabis is believed to create products that delight the senses while ensuring safety and consistency. Evergreen Organix’s team of bakers, chocolatiers, scientists, and cannabis enthusiasts collaborates closely, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to bring their vision to life. 

Every product is rigorously tested by DB Labs to guarantee potency and safety, ensuring that customers enjoy the best cannabis experience possible.

Popular Products

  • Chocolate Bars: Luxurious, rich, and smooth, the chocolate bars are a favorite among those who appreciate the finer things.
  • Gourmet CookiesBaked to perfection, each cookie offers a delightful crunch and a potent cannabis infusion.
  • Cereal Treats: A nostalgic twist on a classic favorite, infused with premium cannabis for a modern experience.
  • Brownies: Dense, moist, and chocolatey, the brownies are a decadent way to enjoy cannabis.
  • CandiesFrom gummies to hard candies, the selection is perfect for discreet and delicious dosing.

Discover the difference that dedication, quality, and passion can make.