5 Reasons You Should Try Cannabis Concentrates

1. Concentrates Offer Effective Dosing If your flower just isn’t cutting it and you find yourself consuming more and more to find relief, cannabis concentrates are just what you need. Concentrates are produced from extracting the oils from the cannabis plant that contain the most therapeutic compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes. One dab will do ya. When you […]

Higher Education: Five Years of Cannabis

The Cannabis Journey My name is Tony Robertson and I work in cannabis. In the interest of establishing context: I started with The Source+ the same week Nevada began allowing recreational sales (July of 2017). This makes me a scarred veteran in some respects, but we have been open and operating since the medical-only days, so I […]

Intro to Concentrates

Your Source+ for Education: About Concentrates In the world of cannabis, concentrates are held in high regard because they provide a significant level of potency in many ways. While mainstream cannabis consumption is often seen as smoking a joint; using pure dabs (concentrates) can be more common with veteran stoners. Due to this, individuals who […]