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Through The Source+ Round Up program, we select 1 or 2 non-profits in the local community each month to support with donations made by our customers.

By simply rounding up their change after a purchase has been made, we’re able to act as a conduit to help raise a generous amount of money to aid numerous organizations making an impact in Nevada.

According to UNICEF, more than half of Ukraine’s estimated 7.5 million children have been displaced since the beginning of the crisis. As of Thursday, March 24, more than 4 million people – including 1.8 million children – had crossed into Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, and other neighboring countries – according to data from UNHCR, the UN’s lead refugee agency.


UNICEF’s work spans over 190 countries and strives to protect children in areas of conflict. Most recently, UNICEF’s efforts have spread throughout Ukraine as conditions for residents and refugees worsen in light of current events. With the worsening crisis in Ukraine and the surrounding countries impacted by an influx of refugees, UNICEF is increasing efforts to deliver essential care and child protection in the region.


Now through Saturday, April 30th, you can round up your order to the nearest dollar, or make a direct donation in-store to UNICEF’s effort to assist children affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

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